In the world of cloud gaming, Vortex is a very easy to use and inexpensive option. It’s a plug-and-play platform with no need for any configuration, from a web browser or from a mobile application for about ten euros per month.

The principle of Vortex cloud gaming

At Vortex, cloud gaming is all about logging into your account to play as fast as possible.

You log in, choose a game from the available catalog, and you play immediately! Everything happens via the Vortex interface which redirects you directly to the game you have selected.

The Vortex cloud gaming catalog

On Vortex, you don’t install your games, but choose them from the titles available in the catalog. Some games are included automatically (mostly free games) while others require that you have the game in your Steam library. This is an advantage because there is no need to buy games specifically for Vortex if you already have them on Steam.

The advantage is that there is no download and installation time required before playing. The disadvantage is that you will only be able to play the games offered in the Vortex catalog.

The catalogue contains about 80 games for the cheapest formula at 9,99€ / month, and about 100 more for the more expensive formulas (18,99€ or 27,99€ per month).

Don’t hesitate to consult the catalogue on the Vortex website, a well-designed search engine allows you to quickly check which games are available, free or not.

Vortex Compatible Devices

In terms of compatibility, Vortex is strong in being usable from the Chrome web browser (simply from the Vortex website)!

Any device that has a Chrome browser (version 60 and higher) can therefore be used to access Vortex cloud gaming.

Apart from Chrome, dedicated applications are available for :

  • Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • Android.
  • MacOS.

In terms of connection, Vortex recommends at least 10 Mb per second (or 1.25 Mb per second). A better connection will always be more interesting.

Vortex Pricing

Vortex offers several formulas, the first costing €9.99 per month and without commitment for 50 hours of play.

It’s inexpensive and allows you to test the service without risk and without committing to a long period of time. It should be noted, however, that the game catalog is more reduced on this formula, do not hesitate to visit the catalog.

The other two formulas will be adapted to those who want to play longer, or to take advantage of the entire catalogue :

  • The Pro formula at 18,99€ / month allows 80 hours of play.
  • The Ultra formula at €27.99/month offers 140 hours of play.
Prix Vortex

Attention: the subscription is renewed by default after each month. You will have to cancel your subscription manually to avoid it being renewed if you don’t want it.

Our opinion on cloud gaming Vortex

Vortex is a simpler solution, but leaves less freedom to use than “Shadow” or “Paperspace”, but allows to enjoy cloud gaming at an affordable price (a little less than 10€ per month).

The operation of Vortex has limits (a large but imposed catalog, a limited number of hours of gameplay per month) that will not suit everyone. However, it remains a very good gateway to cloud gaming with an ease of use difficult to match.

A big plus, apart from the low price, is the fact that you can play from a Chrome browser, which opens up huge gaming opportunities on various platforms.

If you can afford it, feel free to test it for a month to get an idea of what you can get as a gaming experience.

When should you choose Vortex?

Vortex’s strengths over competitors such as “Shadow” or “Paperspace” for cloud gaming are its low price and ease of use.

Vortex is indeed very easy to use: you log in, select an available game, and play! No need to manage a complete PC like on “Shadow” or “Paperspace”.

If you want to have fun quickly or test cloud gaming simply and cheaply, then don’t hesitate to try Vortex.

If you want more freedom of use and the feeling of having a real remote computer, then “Shadow” or “Paperspace” will be more interesting. These are more expensive and more complex alternatives to handle, but will probably meet these needs.