Cadeaux de dernière minute

Is the holiday season in full swing or is a loved one’s birthday just around the corner? Are you still looking for the perfect gift? If you’re short on time, don’t worry. In this article, we share some last minute gift ideas that you can print or email.

Whether it’s a Christmas gift, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s or Father’s Day, it’s always possible to find a gift quickly on the Internet.

These gift ideas are based on cloud or internet services, but are not limited to those who love technology, as you will see! They can be rather classic, like gift cards that you will print or send by email, but there are also much more original ideas.

1. A unique and creative gift thanks to Fiverr

Do you know Fiverr? This platform uses the Internet to connect us with freelance workers from all possible fields and all possible places. On Fiverr, you can find people to do a lot of original things.

Logo Fiverr

In the artistic field, you can easily find great gift ideas, there is even a dedicated category. Of course, it’s not exactly a last minute gift since you’ll have to give the seller time to prepare your gift, but generally they’ll be quite quick, and sometimes even offer an “express” option for those in a hurry.

Here are some examples of things you can get with Fiverr: draw your loved one’s portrait in any style imaginable (cartoon, manga, classic painting, or even as a character from The Simpsons), create a personalized song or poem, or even an animation!

Some examples of gift ideas on Fiverr
Here are some examples of gift ideas in the form of illustrations on Fiverr.

There’s even a category dedicated to gift ideas, but you can also browse the other categories on Fiverr to find what you’re looking for. You’ll find just about anything you can imagine with a little searching.

Prices on Fiverr are of course very variable, depending on the task requested and the seller, but you can usually find very reasonable prices.

Discover Fiverr for gifts

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2. An online course on Udemy

If you know that your loved one would like to learn more about a certain subject, why not offer them a course on that topic? The rise of the Internet has allowed for the growth of online learning platforms, such as Udemy or Coursera for example.

This is the perfect gift for those who like to learn new things, or who are interested in a particular field.

Logo Udemy

For a gift of this type, Udemy is the ideal platform, since it offers courses on absolutely every field or almost (you might be surprised if you look around a bit). You can find classic courses on school or university domains of course, but that’s not the core of Udemy.

All fields are represented and a simple search may help you find the perfect gift. You can find courses on all artistic fields (music, drawing, cinema, etc.) or technical fields (how to make a website, programming, etc.) for example, but also as diverse as lifestyle, stock market, personal relationships, etc.

Some examples of categories from Udemy
These are some of the categories of courses on Udemy.

Prices vary greatly from course to course, but are generally in the low range for this type of content. Reviews and ratings from past users will help you find the best course.

The online courses on Udemy are mostly video-based, and sometimes, but not always, accompanied by online exercises. They are generally easy to follow, as the student can follow the course at his or her own pace, without any constraints.

For more details, you can read our full review of Udemy.

Search for a course on Udemy

3. A subscription to a Cloud Gaming service

If you have someone in your life who loves video games, a great idea is to offer them a cloud gaming subscription. This is a service that will allow them to play a large amount of games from any device. Your loved one will be able to play the most demanding games from a simple laptop, or even from a phone!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate logo

There are many cloud gaming services on the market, but the one that lends itself best to this type of gift is undoubtedly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Indeed, this one has a huge catalog of recent games included with the subscription, while most other services require you to buy the games separately. With such a huge catalog, you can be sure that your loved one will enjoy it. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the closest thing to a video game Netfix, with over 100 games in its library.

Note 1: Your loved one does not need to own an Xbox console to enjoy this cloud gaming service,

Note 2: However, you will need to make sure that your loved one has access to a good Internet connection to be able to fully enjoy the service (preferably a fiber connection).

How to buy a cloud gaming subscription as a gift?

As often in this article, the easiest solution is to go through Amazon which sells 1 or 3 months subscriptions perfectly adapted for a gift. You will sometimes find good promotions there, cheaper than on the official Xbox website.

Be careful in any case to choose the “Ultimate” version (which must appear in the title of the product) because it is the version that allows you to play from any device in cloud gaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Amazon

Official Xbox Game Pass Ultimate website

4. A subscription to a Video on Demand (VOD) service

If your loved one is fond of series and movies, then a subscription to a video on demand service VOD is an ideal gift, no matter their age. With such a subscription, they will have access to a huge amount of video content.

For example, you can give her a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. These services offer a wide variety of content, so your loved one is sure to find something they love.

Of course, Netflix is one of the most well-known services, and if your loved one doesn’t already have a subscription, then it’s a great value.

Buying a gift card for Netflix will be very simple on Amazon.

Netflix logo

A Netflix gift card to send by email, worth between 25€ and 200€.

Carte cadeau Netflix sur Amazon

5. A subscription to a music streaming service

If your loved one loves listening to music, a subscription to a music streaming service is a very useful gift.

For example, you can give him or her a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music. These services offer a wide variety of content, so your loved one is sure to find the music they love.

A music streaming subscription is perfect for anyone who loves to listen to music, or spends a lot of time on public transportation for example.

The easiest way to find an online gift card for a streaming service is through Amazon.

Spotify logo

A Spotify Premium gift card to be sent by email, with a value of 10€ to 60€ to choose from.

Buy a Spotify gift card

6. Other gift cards you can find online

Of course, all the gift cards you can buy online can be emailed or printed and this makes them an ideal last minute gift idea.

Again, you can simply buy these cards online at a site like Amazon.

Amazon logo

A classic gift card that will buy whatever your loved one wants. The value of the card can go up to 5000€.

Acheter une carte cadeau Amazon

Google Play logo

A Google Play gift card to be sent by email, with a value of €5 to €250.

It will be used to buy applications or games for a phone or other Android device.

Acheter une carte cadeau Google Play

Apple App Store logo

An Apple App Store gift card to be sent by email, worth between 15€ and 200€.

Your loved ones will be able to buy content from the Apple Store or iTunes, perfect for Mac or iPhone owners.

Buy an App Store & iTunes gift card

Amazon has many other gift cards available, if you want to search a little: Zalando, H&M, Twitch, etc.

Discover other gift cards on Amazon

7. A cloud storage space for life

This gift idea is particularly original. It’s a great gift for anyone who likes to take photos or videos, or who simply wants to access their files from all their devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, or from a simple internet browser, etc. With this gift, they won’t have to worry about running out of storage space and will always be able to find their documents from anywhere.

Cloud storage is an important tool for all technology lovers. But how to give it as a gift? Most cloud storage providers only offer limited time subscriptions (monthly or yearly), which have to be renewed systematically. Not a great gift if your loved one has to renew their subscription every year to keep their data safe. Fortunately, lifetime cloud storage offers make this much more convenient. The one-time payment will allow your loved one to use their storage space for life.

The only good lifetime cloud storage options are from pCloud or Icedrive. Both of these services provide a wide range of storage space choices, from 150GB up to 5TB.

Who is it for?

Lifetime online storage is perfect for anyone who likes to take pictures or videos. These documents can easily be uploaded online. This gift will also suit people who travel a lot. They will be able to access their important documents from anywhere, with just a phone and an internet connection.

The best person for this can be :

  • A traveler: He can store all his important documents and files in the cloud without worrying about losing them. But then he can also easily put his travel photos and videos, or all his music. Cloud storage spaces make it very easy to share documents with friends and family (photos and videos, for example).
  • A student: He can store all his notes and course materials in the cloud, so he never loses them.
  • A photo or video enthusiast, who will need a large storage space to store all his works and be able to easily share them with his friends.
  • A professional: He can store all his work files online, so he can access them from anywhere.

How to buy a lifetime cloud storage space?

A lifetime cloud storage space is an investment that costs more than most other ideas on this list. So it might be a gift to share with others, depending on your budget. There are very different prices though, depending on how much storage space you want

Only two good cloud storage providers offer lifetime deals: pCloud and Icedrive. Both of them have great services and reputation. If you’re hesitating, however, know that pCloud has a leg up, being an older and more comprehensive service.

Here is a summary of all the lifetime online storage plans:

PlanSpacePrice in EurosPrice in $
Icedrive Lite150 GB89 €99 $

Visit Icedrive

pCloud Premium500 GB175 €175 $

Visit pCloud

Icedrive Pro1 TO199 €229 $

Visit Icedrive

pCloud Premium Plus2 TO350 €350 $

Visit pCloud

pCloud for the family
(shared between 5 users)
2 TO500 €500 $

Details about pCloud Family

Icedrive Pro+5 TO499 €599 $

Visit Icedrive


Giving a gift can be difficult, but with these last minute gift ideas, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one. These gifts are all based on internet services, so they are easily accessible. Hopefully, with these gifts, you will make your loved ones happy!