Internxt, a Spanish cloud storage service established in 2020, stands out for its commitment to security and privacy, while offering affordable rates.

If you’re looking for a large cloud storage space that’s economical over the long term and respects the confidentiality of your data, Internxt could well be the ideal solution for you.

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  • Enhanced security and confidentiality thanks to Zero-Knowledge encryption
  • Data hosted in Europe and RGPD compliance
  • The most economical lifetime plans on the cloud storage market
  • Various storage spaces of 20GB, 200GB and 2TB in monthly or annual subscriptions, and 2TB, 5TB or 10TB in lifetime offers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Website and applications available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Russian


  • Some missing features for streaming multimedia content
  • No file versions (possibility of going back to previous versions of a file)

Security and privacy: Internxt’s strengths

Internxt Review

Internxt focuses above all on the security and confidentiality of its users’ data.

Zero-knowledge encryption

The service uses AES 256 Zero-Knowledge encryption, a technology that guarantees that only users have access to their data. In other words, not even Internxt can access your files. Internxt does not store your password, which means it cannot be retrieved even by the Internxt team.

With this architecture, Internxt is clearly among the best secure cloud storage services.

What’s more, your data is divided into fragments and spread across multiple servers for additional protection against potential attacks.

Storage in the European Union and RGPD

What’s more, Internxt is a Spanish company and all data is stored within the European Union, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). This RGPD compliance is an undeniable advantage not only for European companies, but also for individuals, who benefit from stricter privacy and personal data protection regulations.

Open source code guarantees transparency

By making its source code entirely available on github, Internxt offers total transparency to its users, for increased security and confidence.

All users can view the source code, and Internxt ensures that every line of code can be scrutinized by passionate developers.

With this Open Source model, Internxt sets itself apart by offering a guarantee of promised functionality. Users can check for themselves whether the code corresponds to Internxt’s stated commitments.

2-factor authentication (2FA): an extra layer of protection

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security method that adds an extra layer of protection to your account. In addition to your password, you’ll need to provide a second form of identification: a unique code generated by an application on your cell phone. This feature prevents attackers from accessing your account even if they manage to guess your password. Internxt offers the option of activating 2-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized people can access your data.

Recovery key: A backup in case of need

It’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. That’s why Internxt offers a recovery key for its users. If you lose or forget your password or your cell phone, this recovery key will enable you to regain access to your account. It’s important to note that this key must be kept in a safe place, preferably offline, to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Offers and prices: plans for every need

Internxt’s other strong point is its very attractive pricing, making it one of the cheapest online storage options available.

Internxt offers a variety of plans to suit every need. The free plan offers up to 10 GB of storage, by performing certain simple tasks.

For those who need more space, plans from 20 GB to 2 TB are available at competitive prices with monthly and annual subscriptions. But Internxt currently shines with its lifetime offers, which are the cheapest on the market and make it an excellent alternative to its competitors. Lifetime offers are available for large online storage spaces of 2TB, 5TB or 10TB.

Payments can be made by card or via PayPal.

Lifetime offers: Internxt’s real advantage

Internxt’s most attractive tariffs are undoubtedly its lifetime offers. Instead of paying a monthly or annual subscription fee, you pay a one-off fee for lifetime access to your storage space (in effect, for the life of the company).

It’s a particularly cost-effective solution in the long term. What’s more, all pay-as-you-go offers, including lifetime offers, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

What is a lifetime offer for online storage?

A lifetime offer for online storage is an option offered by some providers that allows users to pay once and benefit from unlimited storage space for an indefinite period. Unlike monthly or annual subscriptions, this offer means users no longer have to worry about recurring payments, and saves money over the long term.

Internxt lifetime offers in detail

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  • 2TB for €299: a price that pays for itself in less than 3 years

A lifetime offer that lets you store up to 2TB of data for a one-off payment of €299.

The 2TB online storage space is also available on a subscription basis, so it’s easy to compare the lifetime and subscription offers.

To illustrate, the 2TB offer at €299 is cheaper than a three-year annual subscription at €107.88 per year. After three years, you start saving over €100 a year.

These lifetime offers are extremely profitable after just a few years.

  • 5 TB for €499

With this lifetime offer, you get 5TB of storage space for just €499.

  • 10TB for €999

For users with larger storage needs, Internxt offers 10TB of storage capacity for a one-off payment of €999.

Internxt’s lifetime plans are currently the subject of a huge -25% promotion! This promotion is not available by default, but can be unlocked via the following link. So here are the new prices with this discount:

  • 2Tb for €224
  • 5Tb for €374
  • 10Tb for €749

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Why are Internxt’s lifetime offers particularly attractive?

These offers are very attractive for their long-term savings potential. Internxt offers three lifetime plans: 2TB for €299, 5TB for €499 and 10TB for €999. These prices may seem high, but when you compare them with their value over the medium and long term, they’re actually very competitive.

The 5TB and 10TB offers, which are not available on a subscription basis, are even more advantageous. The cost per Terabyte of storage is €150 for the 2TB plan and €100 for the 5TB and 10TB plans.

Lifetime offers, an opportunity to be seized quickly

Internxt’s lifetime offers may seem surprisingly tempting at first glance, and it’s important to understand the motivations behind them and act quickly to take advantage of them.

Internxt, like other lifetime cloud storage services, are doing this in order to attract new customers in a highly competitive market. However, it is important to note that these offers are not necessarily profitable for the cloud storage provider. This is because they naturally prefer subscription-based users, who provide them with recurring payments.

It’s crucial to understand that prices for lifetime offers can rise at any time. Indeed, if Internxt considers that these offers are no longer sufficiently advantageous for the company, prices may be adjusted or even the sale of these offers stopped overnight. Or they may remain available for many years, but the uncertainty is total (Icedrive, for example, discontinued its lifetime offers some time ago, before reversing course).

In view of these factors, it’s advisable not to wait too long if you want to take advantage of lifetime offers from Internxt or other suppliers. Subscribing to a lifetime offer now will ensure you benefit from advantageous rates over the long term. What’s more, you’ll be securing your cloud storage with a reliable, reputable provider.

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The viability of Internxt lifetime offers

When looking for a lifetime offer for online storage, it’s important to consider certain criteria. Make sure it has a solid infrastructure and a strict privacy policy to protect your data.

In the case of Internxt, the company is still new and may naturally raise doubts about its ability to remain viable in the long term. But its lifetime offers pay for themselves so quickly (2-3 years) that there’s little chance that your investment won’t pay off even if Internxt disappears in a few years’ time.

What’s more, even if the company does eventually disappear, the risk of losing your data is very low: users are generally given a reasonable amount of time to recover their data before it’s destroyed.

Internxt monthly and annual subscriptions

Internxt also offers a wide range of subscription storage spaces, from 20 GB to 2 TB. Here are the details:

  • 20 GB for €0.99 per month, or €10.68 per year.
  • 200 GB for €4.49 per month or €41.88 per year.
  • 2 TB for €9.99 per month or €107.88 per year.

These rates are at the lower end of the market, but are still fairly standard and not as attractive as the rates applied to lifetime offers.

File management and synchronization with Internxt

Data synchronization and backup is at the heart of good cloud storage. Internxt offers a wide range of features that will satisfy most users, but it still has some way to go when it comes to advanced functionality.

Mobile and desktop applications

Internxt’s services are available in a variety of ways: via web browser, via a desktop application, or via the mobile app. They are available in several languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Russian). This is an appreciable effort, even if some pages on the website are not properly translated.

Applications are available in several languages.

A few bugs can also be encountered when using the applications, which need more work to be perfect.

Web application

Internxt’s web application is comprehensive and efficient, enabling you to take full advantage of most of the service’s features.

  • Download and preview your files.
  • Upload new files to your cloud storage space.
  • Access and modify your user account.

Desktop application

Mobile application (Android)

Desktop applications are available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. They enable you to set up a file synchronization folder, as well as regular backups of certain folders or files on your computer.

Mobile applications

Internxt provides mobile applications for Android and iOS. These apps are designed to give users quick and easy access to their files stored on Internxt’s cloud storage space.

They also enable automatic synchronization of photos from a phone or tablet.

Photo backup and sharing

One of the expected features of good online storage is the ability to automatically back up photos taken on our mobile devices for access from anywhere.

Internxt offers this service with the following features:

  • The mobile application lets you activate automatic photo backup. However, it does not allow you to select the folders to be synchronized (for example, to decide whether to exclude screenshots from synchronization).
  • Mobile and browser applications all have a gallery dedicated to viewing photos.
  • The gallery will also let you choose photos to share via a link that you can send to friends or family.
  • However, only photos are automatically synchronized, not videos. Videos have to be imported manually to the online storage space.

Internxt’s built-in backup solution

Internxt includes an automatic backup function, in addition to the main folder synchronized on your computer.

You will need to select the folders to be backed up. The folders will then be synchronized daily and their contents stored online, accessible from other applications or from an Internet browser.

Lack of file version history management (versioning)

One of Internxt’s major shortcomings at present is the lack of a file versioning history. This advanced feature, available in other online storage systems, enables you to retrieve old versions of your files and restore them if necessary. It’s not a frequent feature, but it can be very useful at times.

Lack of virtual disk

Another Internxt shortcoming is the absence of a virtual disk on desktop applications. A virtual disk works like a traditional hard disk, but instead of being physically present on the user’s device, it is hosted on remote servers. This enables users to free up storage space on their devices and benefit from secure backup of their data, accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Although this feature is currently absent, it is expected to arrive very soon according to Internxt’s development roadmap.

File sharing with Internxt: a simple solution

Internxt’s file-sharing service is straightforward and suitable for most users.

It offers a number of useful features:

  • share a file or folder,
  • set a password on the shared link to secure sharing,
  • delete a share link to make it inactive,
  • find out how many times a share has been viewed.
The sharing options allow you to set a password to protect the sharing.

However, some advanced users may regret the absence of an upload link. For those who don’t know, an upload link is a link that allows other people to send files to your cloud storage space. It can be useful for collaborative working.

You can quickly access all your active sharing links.

Compared to some competitors like pCloud, Internxt lacks some advanced sharing features. For example, it is not possible to set an automatic expiry date for sharing.

Despite these few limitations, Internxt remains a practical and efficient file-sharing solution that will satisfy the vast majority of users.

Multimedia content

Internxt supports the storage and sharing of photos, videos, documents and music. However, it should be noted that the service does not offer any specific functionalities for multimedia content management.

Currently, applications are not yet fully functional for streaming video or audio content (movies, music, etc.).

For example, in our tests it was possible to view an mp4 file directly from the mobile application, but the video ratio was not respected. Mp3 files, on the other hand, could not be played from the application without being downloaded.

Only photos and PDF documents can be easily viewed from Internxt’s applications.

However, Internxt understands that multimedia content playback is important to many users, and has made it one of its development priorities. Let’s hope these features arrive soon.

Alternatives to Internxt

If you’re looking for more advanced functionalities, particularly for collaborative working or multimedia content management, you can turn to alternatives such as pCloud, kDrive or Mega, for example. Here’s a summary of the main differences between Internxt and its main competitors.

Internxt vs pCloud

Logo de pCloud

Although pCloud also offers lifetime plans, they are more expensive compared to Internxt.

Internxt clearly takes the lead in the privacy department with its Zero-Knowledge private encryption.

However, pCloud offers some additional features such as file version history and broadcast capabilities for video and audio content.

Internxt vs kDrive

Logo kDrive

While kDrive offers some of the most competitive subscription rates on the market, it doesn’t come with lifetime offers, which are more economical in the long term.

Internxt, on the other hand, stands out for its respect for privacy, thanks to its Zero-Knowledge private encryption system.

Internxt vs Mega

Logo Mega

Mega and Internxt are two serious contenders in the field of secure, confidential online storage.

Mega has the edge in terms of mobile and desktop applications, especially for streaming multimedia content, while Internxt stands out for its transparency and commitment to data security. Some have doubts about the real confidentiality of data stored with Mega.

What’s more, Mega doesn’t offer lifetime deals, making Internxt a more economical option.

For a more comprehensive comparison of the different services, check out our guide to the best cloud storage.

Our verdict: who’s Internxt for?

Internxt is an excellent solution for those looking for cloud storage that’s secure, highly privacy-friendly and cost-effective. Lifetime offers are particularly advantageous for those looking to save money over the long term. You’ll probably want to take advantage of these offers.

If, above all, you’re looking for a storage space to back up your data securely and confidentially, or to occasionally share some of your files or photos with close friends or business relations, then Internxt will easily fulfill this role in a very cost-effective way.

Although it still lacks a few features to compete with the big names in the sector, Internxt is constantly evolving and promises many improvements in the future, so it’s likely that the service will get even better in the near future. The current state of the service remains very good, even if it is still possible to cope with some bugs.

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  • Enhanced security and confidentiality thanks to Zero-Knowledge encryption
  • Data hosted in Europe and RGPD compliance
  • The most economical lifetime plans on the cloud storage market
  • Various storage spaces of 20GB, 200GB and 2TB in monthly or annual subscriptions, and 2TB, 5TB or 10TB in lifetime offers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Website and applications available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Russian


  • Some missing features for streaming multimedia content
  • No file versions (possibility of going back to previous versions of a file)

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