In this digitalized era, everything is turning towards its digital presence. The easy access and fast internet connection have made us all digitally driven. One industry that has flourished prominently with digitalization is the video streaming industry. Today, millions of video content creators entertain and make informative videos for millions of viewers across the world. However, video streamers need the right service to stream their videos and even monetize them. That’s exactly what Uscreen offers. 

Uscreen is an all-in-one video monetization and distribution platform for video streamers, offering all the features and support they need to upscale their business. So, let’s explore in-depth Uscreen, its features, working principle, and some more details.

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What is Uscreen?

Uscreen is a one-stop platform for video streamers from all industries to set up a profitable video subscription service and quickly sell their videos. It offers everything that streamers need to create and scale their streaming service, such as video hosting/streaming, analytics, live customer support, built-in billing, monetization, etc. Some of the key features of Uscreen are as follows:

Video CMS

Uscreen offers a central admin dashboard to upload, organize, and distribute videos. It has made all this process a click-based, intuitive approach so that you can flawlessly upload bulk videos and arrange them in a beautiful video catalog. Once the videos are uploaded, they are instantly available for multi-device delivery. 

Live Streaming

Uscreen lets you offer your viewers a 5-star full HD live streaming experience. It provides live chat support to grow your community and even lets you generate revenue by monetizing your stream via pay-per-view or subscription package form. Moreover, you can also notify your audience by in-app notification or email about your live streaming event. 


Uscreen not just offers the best streaming experience. It also provides all the functionality you need to distribute and monetize your streaming. You can set up subscriptions, rentals, pay-per-view, bundles, free trials, and lifetime plans for your audience. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, and to provide you with a simple checkout approach. 

Mobile and TV Apps

Uscreen empowers you to create your own brand native mobile and TV app with zero coding. Uscreen’s OTT solution offers the fastest time-to-launch for your own customized mobile or TV app. Moreover, it also offers built-in analytics support to provide detailed statistics about which videos perform best.

Marketing and Retention

Uscreen also helps you grow your audience with built-in and feature-rich marketing tools. It empowers you to build appealing and fully responsive landing pages and build marketing funnels to increase your leads and engage customers. Moreover, you can also benefit from subscription tools, email automation, gift cards, and integration with other leading tools.


Uscreen helps you create a strong bond with the audience with its community feature. It empowers you to engage with viewers in real-time with live chat, make users create customized profiles/avatars, and let users comment on your videos freely. 

Other than the above features, Uscreen has a lot to offer, such as the fastest video playback in full HD, stunning themes/templates, top-notch security, etc. 

How Does Uscreen work?

Uscreen is highly user-friendly. From signing up to making native apps, every step of Uscreen is easy to use. Following are the different steps involved in using Uscreen:

  1. Sign Up: Users start with a free trial or pick one pricing plan and complete the registration requirements. 
  2. Upload and Organize: Users upload one or multiple videos and then organize them.
  3. Set Pricing: Users finalize the monetization strategy and then set up the pricing model accordingly.
  4. Theme: Users select one of the ready-to-use appealing themes and then customize it as per the branding.
  5. Marketing: Users use the built-in marketing and community tools offered by Uscreen to publish and market the videos.
  6. Collect Payments: Users set up payment methods and keep themselves up-to-date with intuitive sales figures.
  7. Native Apps: Users can also launch their own streaming apps. 

In short, Uscreen offers a complete and user-friendly experience to video streamers no matter which industry they belong to.

How much does it cost?

It is expected that the platform with so much offering will cost a lot, but Uscreen still manages to offer cost-friendly rates. Its subscription plans are designed to scale as you grow. Following are the three subscription plans provided by Uscreen.


The Basic plan costs $99/month + $0.50/subscriber/month. It is best suited for streamers in their early popularity stage who have a strong potential for growth. The offerings under the Basic plan include:

  • 1 admin user
  • Email support
  • Video storage of 50 hours
  • 1 1-1 onboard session
  • Marketing tools
  • Accept credit cards and PayPal
  • Customizable website
  • Detailed analytics about customers and business.

The Basic plan can also be subscribed to at the discounted rate of $79/month if you opt for an annual-based payment. 


The Growth plan costs $199/month + $0.50/subscriber/month. It is best suited for streamers with a dedicated team and a large viewer base. The offerings under the Growth plan include all the Basic plan offerings along with the below-mentioned ones:

  • 10 admin users
  • Chat and email support
  • Video storage of 150 hours
  • 3 1-1 onboarding sessions
  • Community
  • Affiliate and e-commerce integrations
  • Free migrations
  • Webhooks

Like the Basic plan, the Growth plan can also be subscribed to at the discounted rate of $159/month if you opt for an annual-based payment.


The Uscreenplus plan provides complete access to all the features and tools of the platform. It is best suited when streamers receive millions of views monthly and have to interact with the viewers regularly. So, Uscreenplus includes all the offerings of the Growth plan and also offers many other key functionalities, such as:

  • Unlimited admin users
  • Video storage of 150+ hours
  • Unlimited 1-1 onboarding sessions
  • Mobile and TV streaming apps
  • White-labeled branding
  • Live streaming and chat with analytics
  • API support
  • Dedicated account management

To access the Uscreenplus plan, you have to contact the Uscreen sales team to finalize the cost and access the demo account.


Uscreen is undoubtedly leading the market with its feature-rich video streaming and monetizing services. It won’t be wrong to say that it truly is an all-in-one platform for video streamers. Whether it’s video management, landing page creation, setting payment methods, or engaging with the audience, Uscreen has all this and more to offer in a user-friendly way. The only weakness with Uscreen is its limited payment methods. Other than that, Uscreen is a worth-it platform for video streamers.

Try Uscreen with a 14-day free trial