Infomaniak Web Hosting

Infomaniak is what we call a “Jack of all trades”. From providing a reliable hosting solution to offering custom services like kDrive for cloud storage, kMeet, Swiss Backup, and Swiss Transfer – There are just tons of resources pooled into one place.

Founded in 1994, Infomaniak is a Swiss-owned hosting company that specializes in cloud solutions for small to large businesses. The company owns an excellent TIER 3 data center in Switzerland – Offering higher availability and redundancy throughout the network.

All of their products are flexible and versatile with configurable resources to check all your needs. You can make a website, register a domain name, make an eShop, store and backup your data, use their marketing automation tools, get security for your site, and much more.

In this post, we’ll review Infomaniak hosting services, including their cloud and email solutions.

Key Factors:

  • Infomaniak is the largest European service provider that specializes in cloud and Internet solutions. They are a good alternative to Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  • The company offers a one-stop solution required for small to big organizations including hosting, domain registration, cloud backup and storage, multimedia services, video meetings, and more.
  • The company head office is in Geneva, Switzerland, and has several business enterprises in France, Congo, Chad, and Belgium.
  • The company follows the Swiss laws for privacy and content protection, which are much better than those in the USA.
  • Infomaniak is well-adapted, has great customer support, easy to follow interface, and is trusted by individuals and companies alike.

Infomaniak Hosting Review

Infomaniak is not your everyday web hosting provider that focuses on predefined packages. Instead, the company gives you the freedom to customize your storage, paired with unlimited bandwidth and support for a number of websites.

The company takes convenience a step further by offering an easy-to-use dashboard for those that are not familiar with cPanel, the de facto standard tool for managing hosted websites.

On their website, you can find two main sections of hosting services. One focuses on SMEs and Individuals in the form of Shared hosting & Email.

The second one is more performance-oriented, Dedicated & Cloud hosting featuring managed and scalable options.

And with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of their hosting.

  • Infomaniak is a very serious and trusted provider
  • An excellent European alternative to American hosting companies
  • Good pricing with very interesting reductions according to the commitment period
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all hosting plans
  • Tier 3 data center with ISO certification
  • Scalable features and flexibility
  • 80+ premium WordPress themes for free if you want to build a WordPress website
  • Less convenient for non-European websites and companies

Shared Hosting Review

ProductDisk StorageEmail AccountsFree DomainFree Migration TransferPrice
Basic Hosting100 GB SSD€ 5.75/month
Web + Mail Hosting100 GB SSD€ 7.25/month

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The shared web hosting plan comes with unlimited data transfer, FTP accounts, and databases. You can configure the amount of storage in your account and choose from the maximum number of websites you could need (from 20 to 100).

While there is no option for unlimited storage, you’ll get a high and sustainable use case. The company claims that its shared hosting plan is optimized for WordPress and offers 80+ premium themes for free as well as newsletter marketing, web app installation, and VOD tools.

It provides an “all-inclusive WordPress hosting” to ease the process of creating and hosting a fast WordPress website.

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There’s also no data cap in terms of bandwidth, so you can enjoy unlimited traffic. Although you don’t get the industry-standard cPanel, Infomaniak has developed its own content management system with a much better approach to set up and configure your website. It features all the basic options like vhost configuration, PHP version manager, SSH access, Cron jobs, and more.

Now, shifting to the other side, the Web + Mail hosting is exactly what it sounds like. The standard mail hosting costs €1.50/month for 5 email accounts, pairing it with the hosting plan increases the price to €7.25/month.

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If you’re worried about security, you’ve got Encrypt SSL, Sectigo, and Anti-DDoS protection for web hosting customers. These services are crucial today as they allow your visitors to securely browse your website, protected from unauthorized attacks.

Along with reliable uptime, there is support for all eCommerce platforms like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

Infomaniak Cloud Hosting Review

ProductCPU (Cores)RAMDisk StorageBandwidthEmail AccountsPrice
Cloud Server (Managed)26 GB100 GB SSDUnlimitedx29.00/month
Cloud Server (Unmanaged)26 GB100 GB SSDUnlimitedx29.00/month

When it comes to scalability and flexibility, there’s nothing better than Infomaniak’s cloud hosting offering. The company’s cloud services are based on OpenStack technology – a reliable cloud technology across the board.

They offer four different cloud hosting solutions, each configuration as per your custom requirement. Infomaniak also makes it easier for developers to launch their containerized apps, thanks to the enterprise-grade Jelastic cloud hosting.

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Managed vs Unmanaged

Infomaniak’s cloud offering features two options; Managed and Unmanaged cloud hosting.

The managed servers are better for those that don’t want to deal with all the configurations or technicalities of a web hosting. Unmanaged hosting is more appropriate for those that have the knowledge of cloud hosting and want maximum configuration of the space they get.

If you go with the unmanaged option, then you’ve required some knowledge of command-line instructions and Linux or BSD-based configurations. Or in the case of a Windows environment, how to use and manage RDP on your machine.

The two packages are mostly the same, in terms of both price and features. However, you’ll get the option to manage 100 separate environments in the managed option while there’s no such limitation on the unmanaged package.

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Jelastic is a unique, PaaS (Platform as a service) cloud hosting solution by Infomaniak. It is a versatile, convenient, and flexible solution for those that are in the web or software development vertical. With just one click, you can deploy from a series of applications like WordPress, Joomla, etc, or even your custom Docker containers.

Basically, the platform is designed for developers where they can work around freely in an appropriate environment. Jelastic is also smart enough to automatically scale the required resources to cope with traffic spikes.

It is as configurable as the other cloud solution from Infomaniak, including RAM, SSD storage, and CPU. And the best part, you’ll get a 14-day free trial to test the platform.

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Server Configuration

Infomaniak’s cloud servers are highly scalable and can be used with up to 2 TB of SSD storage, 96 GB RAM, and 32 CPU cores. This places the service firmly within the ranks of top-tier cloud hosting solutions. Add email support, and unlimited traffic and you have all the resources to manage a full-fledged agency.

The solution is fully optimized for WordPress and other CMS platforms. So, even though you’re going for a high-tech, high-end solution, you’ll still be able to stay familiar with using the platform. Additional services include one-click install, newsletter marketing, AOD/VOD streaming service, and automatic backups.

Backups are made on different servers to ensure redundancy. This is something other hosting platforms charge extra for.

Infomaniak Public Cloud Review

Cloud platforms are inherently secure, widely available, and offer a flexible architecture that makes it possible for anyone to access them. In this case, Infomaniak takes this to the next level by offering a Public Cloud solution, where you’re in charge of your customization. There are tons of different instances, based on block storage, object storage, snapshots/backups, and networks.

For this, the company implements its high availability cloud infrastructure across at least 6 cloud locations. Databases are also clustered across to ensure redundancy. The company uses both dual-load balancers and clustered environments to ensure the stability of its servers.

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Infomaniak Email Services Review

Infomaniak email hosting services differ from the typical free webmail sites such as Google and Yahoo. The service is catered to more demanding users that require their own domain name at flexible rates.

Starting from the basics, it features an easy-to-use Web interface that packs all the goodies you need to manage your email account. The provider manages the user domain name, including the filtering, authentication, security, replication, and routing.

Some of the prominent features include:

  • Filters and Senders
  • Customizable IMAP folders
  • Automatic response feature
  • Easy configuration and migration
  • A 100% swiss webmail service
  • Outgoing and incoming protocols

Speaking of protocols, whatever your work environment, the CardDav, POP, IMAP, and CalDav protocols ensure compatibility, flexibility, and authenticity with the vast majority of professional applications.

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Security of Infomaniak Hosting

In terms of security, there’s not much to talk about. Most of their servers are based in Swiss, meaning that they comply with Swiss laws. It’s also worth noting that the hosting infrastructure is built on OpenStack – An open-source cloud technology solution.

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is critical, after the recent Pandemic. An estimated 72% of global websites were hit by a DDoS attack, and have lost billions. Infomaniak’s DDoS mitigation solution is built on four continents that can absorb a whopping speed of 4.5TB/s.

This massive potential allows the company to keep its services functional, even during attacks.

SSL certification

Infomaniak provides a free Encrypted SSL certification for all their web hosting plans. This is the standard stock SSL package that you can always upgrade to a standard DV or Business EV certificate.

Infomaniak Customer Support

Customer support is the final touch of a good hosting service. It is an integral part of the review process that should be thoroughly tested because one day you might need it.

Thankfully, Infomaniak checks all the marks in this department. Starting from the basics, the company offers a live chat option for brief and quick resolution of solutions. On top of this, you’ve got the phone call and email ticket support system. However, the support timings for phone calls are limited as per the European time zone. The phone lines are also Swiss, which is a bit expensive if you’re outside of the EU.

However, the FAQs and documentation sections are rich with information on DIY solutions. Their articles are full of details and have broken down complex hosting terminologies in an effective, easy-to-understand way.

Now back to the live chat support (because this is what most people use).

infomaniak live chat

You can’t just hop on to the chat support and a representative will be waiting for you. You first have to pick from a series of questions, before you’re connected to a representative. We tested the platform and their usual reply time is 5 minutes.

We inquired about a couple of things and it seemed that their representatives knew their job well. They guided us thoroughly and gave a couple of really helpful suggestions.

Our verdict on Informaniak Web Hosting

So, what makes Infomaniak’s cloud hosting solution apart from the rest of the competition?

We’ll say it’s the ability to provide a full package, not just hosting but other solutions. There are dozens of add-ons that you can use with your hosting, including VOD/AOD, multimedia features, auxiliary services, etc.

With that, we’ll suggest Infomaniak a try based on all the findings, attractive prices, freedom of configurations, and high-performance servers. You get to pick from both quantity and quality at reasonable rates with people who promise to have your back.

Plus, the company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all its hosting plans, including a free package for both Public cloud and email services.

Now in terms of the shortcoming, Infomaniak is very interesting to websites that are based in Europe but will probably be less attractive to other websites.

And since their prices are already competitive, Infomaniak could just be your next thing.

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