For many, the primary goal is to find the cheapest cloud storage. In this article, we look specifically at “hard drive” storage. They can replace a real external physical hard drive while having the advantages of cloud storage.

In short, for those in a hurry, here is a summary of the 3 cheapest online storage. You’ll find two lifetime offers (one-time payment rather than a monthly or yearly subscription) from Icedrive and pCloud and a very cheap subscription with kDrive.

StoragePricePrice per TerabyteSummary
1Icedrive5 TB499€ for life100€ / TBThe cheapest cloud storage on the long term, with a very large space of 5 TB! The 499€ is a big investment, but it pays off after only 3 years.
2pCloud2 TB350€ for life175 / TBA slightly more complete service, but for a slightly higher price and a smaller storage space. As with Icedrive, it’s a one-time payment that quickly saves money without paying a subscription for years.
3kDrive2 TB59,88€ / year30€ / TB / yearA more traditional monthly or annual subscription, at very low prices. kDrive is suitable for those who prefer a subscription rather than a one-time payment, and who . KDrive’s subscriptions are half the price of those of the main competitors!

This storage category is not the one you are interested in, because you are looking for cloud storage under 1TB? We’ve also covered the cheapest cloud storage for the 200-500GB category.

1er stockage en ligne le moins cher : Icedrive

1st. Icedrive: A perfect online storage for those who want to save money first

Icedrive is a recent entrant in the cloud storage space. Founded in 2019 in the UK (Wales), it is coming to the market in a big way with the aim of being a modern and cheap player. Its very attractive rates make it the number 1 cheapest cloud, thanks to a very economical lifetime offer over time.

Logo Icedrive


  • Very low prices, especially in a lifetime payment
  • Very good security and privacy (private encryption included)
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • 10 GB of free cloud space


  • Website and applications in English only
  • Some missing features compared to pCloud or

Icedrive provides its users with three storage spaces of 150 GB, 1 TB, and 5 TB. In this article, the offers we are interested in are the 1TB and 5TB

The first one of 1Tb is offered at 4.99€ / month with a monthly subscription without commitment, and at 49.99€ / year for an annual subscription (i.e. 4.17€ / month).

The second one of 5Tb is proposed at 17,99€ / month with a monthly subscription, and at 179,99€ / year with an annual subscription (that is 15€ / month).

So far, we are in the low range of what other cheaper competitors offer, but nothing exceptional. What allows Icedrive to become the cheapest cloud storage is its “lifetime” offers at the extremely low prices of 199€ for 1TB and 499€ for 5TB.

If you are not familiar with the concept of “lifetime” online storage, this price may seem excessive. However, to evaluate it, you have to consider its interest in the medium or long term. In this case, it is an unbeatable offer.

A quick calculation is all it takes to realize this. Here, the price of 499€ for 5TB corresponds to less than 3 years of the annual subscription at 179,99€. In other words, the price of the one-time payment is amortized in less than 3 years. Once these 3 years have passed, you have made your initial payment profitable. Use then becomes “free”: the online space belongs to you and you can continue to use it, but you have already paid for it.

For the 1TB cloud storage, it is true that the offer is slightly less interesting since it pays for itself in 4 years. The offer is still very attractive for those who want less space.

Is Icedrive good online storage?

Apart from its price, are there any other qualities that would make you use Icedrive rather than another cloud storage service?

Overall, Icedrive has a very good service, which has a good position in our ranking of the best cloud storage. Still young though (created in 2019), it, unfortunately, doesn’t excel in all areas yet, as detailed in our Icedrive review. It does, however, have a very good interface, and the still too rare quality of offering private encryption is very important for the privacy and security of your data.

A digital safe for sensitive data

This private encryption on the client-side is offered in the form of a digital safe: a folder in which you can put your most confidential files to ensure that no one but you (including Icedrive) can read their content. This feature is included in Icedrive’s service, unlike pCloud for example (2nd in this ranking) which makes it a paid option.

As far as available applications are concerned, no problem, Icedrive has applications for all common systems(Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS) and can also be used via a simple web browser.

On the other hand, some may regret that both the website and the application interface are only available in English, or that the collaborative work options are not as complete as those of its main competitors.

Another drawback is that, although Icedrive has servers in Europe and in the United States, it is not possible to choose where your data will be stored (unlike pCloud, which gives you the choice, or kDrive, where all data is stored in Switzerland).

When to choose Icedrive?

Icedrive is a very good online storage, whose price makes it an excellent deal.

It will be very well suited for those who are looking for large storage space at a very reasonable price due to its one-time payment. The 5TB offer at 499€ is indeed extremely interesting. If you hesitate, don’t forget that Icedrive promises a full refund of your offer within 14 days after purchase if you are not satisfied.

If you have more complex needs in terms of syncing and sharing features that Icedrive doesn’t have, and you’re willing to pay a bit more but still with a one-time payment, then look at pCloud, detailed below.

2ème stockage en ligne le moins cher : pCloud

2nd. pCloud: the top online storage

pCloud is overall the best cloud for storage. With a very interesting pricing policy, it is high up in this ranking of the cheapest cloud storage. Its offer in this category is 2TB for €9.99 per month, about €96 per year (with 20% savings for annual payment). But as with Icedrive, what really saves money with pCloud is the lifetime online storage offer.

Logo de pCloud


  • Uncompromising security
  • Service and data hosted in Europe (Switzerland) or the United States of America
  • Configurable personal encryption
  • 10-day money back guarantee
  • Free 10GB of space
  • Very economical lifetime plans (one-time payment)


  • PCloud Crypto personal encryption as a paid option
  • Collaboration tools need improvement

LIFETIME ONLINE STORAGE: long-term savings

This package allows you to pay once to enjoy online storage space for life. It is a one-time payment of €350 to use the 2TB in the cloud, unlimited in time.

Let’s do the same calculation as for Icedrive. At its current price, the offer pays for itself rather quickly. A quick calculation shows that the lifetime payment pays for itself :

  • in a little less than 3 years when compared to the monthly payment.
  • in a little over 3.5 years when compared to the annual payment.

So it’s an easy plan to pay off if you plan to use such a cloud storage service for a few years at least. However, it is a bit more expensive than what Icedrive offers (price per TB of storage).

It is necessary to point out though that the pCloud website communicated this price as a temporary 65% promotion, the initial price being €980. It is not clear if this promotion will last or not.

Monthly and annual payments

pCloud is also among the best prices for monthly and annual payments. Although in this category the competitors are very close to each other, except for kDrive (3rd in this ranking), which is still much cheaper.

In the form of monthly payments with no time commitment, the 2TB offer costs €9.99 per month.

This amounts to 200 GB per euro invested, which is twice as good as the best prices for light online storage from 200 to 500 GB.

For annual payments (one payment to use pCloud services for 12 months), the price is €95.88 per year. This is 20% lower than the monthly price and comes to €7.99 per month.

Conclusion about pCloud

pCloud is already first in the overall ranking of the best online storage.

For those looking for foolproof cloud storage, the savings offered by a one-time payment to buy 2TB of storage space for life will be a big argument.

In addition, pCloud has a 10-day money back policy. This reinforces our belief that this is a very inexpensive online storage and the best overall (see our review of pCloud).

3ème stockage en ligne le moins cher : kDrive

3rd. kDrive from Infomaniak: A European company as the cheapest alternative to GAFAM

kDrive is a cloud storage created by Swiss cloud service provider Infomaniak (hosting, servers, online tools, etc.). As an online storage, kDrive is perfectly suited for individuals and companies.

Logo kDrive


  • Subscriptions globally half the price of competitors for the same cloud space
  • Well suited for professionals and businesses
  • 30 days free to try the whole service
  • All service and data based in Switzerland
  • Decreasing prices according to the commitment of 1, 2 or 3 years


  • No client-side encryption to protect your files yet (but soon available according to kDrive)
  • Free offer only available in a few countries in Europe

The offer we are interested in here is the kDrive Solo offer, which gives access to 2TB of data. In terms of features, kDrive is very complete and has almost nothing to envy to other options on the market.

The only big flaw is the lack of a digital safe (a place where your files are privately encrypted so that even kDrive cannot read their content). Both Icedrive and pCloud offer this feature, unlike kDrive (for pCloud, it is a paid option). kDrive promises, however, to work on this feature to make it available soon.

Unlike Icedrive and pCloud, kDrive does not have “lifetime” plans, but only more traditional subscriptions to offer. However, the price of these subscriptions is so low compared to the qualities that kDrive has, that it has a good place in this ranking.

kDrive subscriptions: half the price of its competitors

Now let’s talk about kDrive’s prices. It’s simple: overall, kDrive offers subscriptions that are half the price of its competitors for equivalent storage!

Let’s detail the prices of the Solo 2Tb offer:

  • 5.54 € / month for a monthly billing without commitment.
  • 59.88 € / year with a 1-year commitment, i.e. 4.99€/month (-10%).
  • 56.52 € / year with a 2-year commitment, i.e. 4.71€/month (-15%).
  • 53.16 € / year with a 3 years commitment, that is to say, 4.43€/month (-20%).

In comparison, the subscriptions of pCloud or Icedrive are twice as expensive, around 9.99€ per month for 2Tb. It’s simple: kDrive has subscriptions at least twice as cheap as all competitors (Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox, iCloud, …)! To convince you, check out our comparison of cloud storage.

Another thing to note is that kDrive offers a lot of flexibility on its subscriptions, with commitment periods of 1, 2, or 3 years for annual subscriptions. This option allows you to get even better rates if you’re willing to make a medium-term commitment.

A 30-day free trial to convince yourself

To finish convincing those who are hesitating with kDrive, Infomaniak has had the excellent initiative of offering a free 30-day trial for all its paid offers (including the Solo offer) (a payment card is however required to register, but no debit will be made).

This is a very good idea, and even more reassuring than the periods with a full refund promise of pCloud (10 days) and Icedrive (14 days) since it is not necessary to pay to test the service in good conditions.

kDrive as an alternative to GAFAM

In these times when the web giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft seem to have more and more power, many are looking for effective alternatives.

kDrive and Infomaniak are positioned in this niche. Indeed, it is a European (Swiss) service, which remains sovereign over the data that it stores only in its own data centers. Its entire policy is centered on this aspect and on the respect for privacy that is so problematic with the American giants.

Also, kDrive and Infomaniak have good support in many languages, both by email, chat, or phone.

Review of kDrive by Infomaniak

In summary, kDrive is an excellent service, although it is still slightly inferior in terms of functionality to pCloud for example. In particular, the lack of a digital safe is regrettable.

If you’re not keen on paying for cloud storage for life but prefer a more traditional monthly or yearly subscription approach, then kDrive is probably the most interesting option for its very attractive price, but also its other qualities detailed above.

Cloud storage “hard disk”: from 1Tb to 5Tb

Uses of a “hard disk” cloud storage

With this amount of storage (from 1TB or 1000GB), many people can synchronize all their important data. It’s really the equivalent of a reasonably sized physical hard drive.

As you can imagine, this provides a real convenience over lightweight online storage (200-500GB).

First of all, these offers have the advantage of an online backup to secure your data in case your hardware fails. The large storage space allows you to consider synchronizing all of your data, instead of an incomplete selection.

Moreover, the synchronization and data sharing features of online storage promise you a convenience you didn’t have before: all your data is shared and available from all your devices (phones, tablets, work or laptops, …).

Also, the sharing features take a totally different dimension. The fact that you can send a link to any of your files at any time (assuming that all your data is synchronized) sometimes makes life easier.


Icedrive, pCloud, and kDrive are very good cloud services, very similar to the first two Icedrive and pCloud.

Icedrive and pCloud fare better in terms of savings, because of their lifetime cloud storage offer: you pay a one-time fee giving access to the service for life. This makes it especially easy to pay for.

kDrive is a great alternative for those who want a more traditional monthly or yearly subscription, with prices that are simply half of the competition in this sector!